LED Lighting Product Manufacturer

LEDSigns Technology Co., Ltd. is a china-based LED lighting products manufacturer. Since our inception, we have been committed to the research and development of LED Signs or LOGO products for years. Our company has a wide range of products, including LED pixel light, SMD 5050 LED pixel light, waterproof LED module, controller, LED strip or rope light, to name a few. These products are extensively applied to the advertising sign, channel letter, light box, decoration, etc. Backed by our senior experts, outstanding market service and professional engineering team, we keep abreast with the development of times and lead the industry in the increasingly fierce market competition.
  • Single Color LED Light
  • Single Color LED Light The single color LED light that utilizes the famous brand LED chip and advanced encapsulation technology, is designed to meet a higher level demand in LED pixel lights illuminated letter signage market. Compared to the traditional DIP bulb type, it is available with the waterproof level up to IP68, lumen of 18 to 20ml, as well as the stable working temperature of -30℃ to 60 ℃. Moreover, its lighting angle is of 160°. Owing to its excellent performances, this product is warmly welcomed by domestic and overseas customers.
  • RGB LED Illuminated Sign Light
  • RGB LED Illuminated Sign Light The RGB LED illuminated sign light is equipped with the Taiwan SMD LED chip, which is characterized by high brightness and large size. This kind of chip allows strong light and low attenuation rate. With the holes punched on the iron sheet or stainless steel plate, this product features easy installation. You can take it out from the front or back side of the stainless steel plate. In addition, this lamp also comes with easy maintenance. It can be replaced without changing the overall string of lamps, which is really convenient.
  • LED Logo /Sign Projects by SMD Pixel Light
  • LED Logo /Sign Projects by SMD Pixel Light The sign should be installed at least 7 meters above the ground.
    Prior to installation, the lights should be tested on lighting, so as to ensure whether they are in good condition or not.
    The layout of the LEDs should be accomplished before installation.
    When installing, just put the LEDs one by one into the punched holes. Be aware that the single color ones and RGB IC color ones are different in the diameter of holes. Their diameters are separately 12mm and 16mm.
  • 3528 SMD LED Module
  • 3528 SMD LED Module Our 3528 SMD LED module applies the imported LED chips to ensure low light degradation. It offers high brightness and wide beam angle without shadow. The silicone rubber material is used for the illuminant encapsulation to offer high lighting effect and prolong the life span. Meanwhile, the super qualified ABS material allows the durable long time usage in server weather condition. Moreover, our product also utilizes the glass fiber circuit board with good heat dissipation, to enhance its stable performance. Its life span is up to 80,000 hours.
  • 5050 SMD LED Module
  • 5050 SMD LED Module With the imported super bright LED chip of high intensity, our 5050 SMD LED module is extremely low in luminance decay rate. In addition, it is safe in operation, since its working voltage is only DC 12V. This product can be used up to 80,000 hours with only 0.72W power consumption per hour. It is also conveniently maintained as a result of the waterproof design.
    Being able to create various lighting effect, this type of LED module is extensively used to advertisement ...
  • 5630 SMD LED Module
  • 5630 SMD LED Module According to the production technology, our SMD5630 3-LED module includes traditional economical epoxy and luxurious injection types. With excellent waterproof performance, it can be both indoor and outdoor used. Due to its high brightness, this product is commonly found in shopping malls, hotels, stores, etc.
  • LED DIP Dot Light In 30 / 50 / 80 /100 / 120mm Size
  • LED DIP Dot Light In 30 / 50 / 80 /100 / 120mm Size Similar to the LED pixel light, the LED DIP dot light not only can be applied to dot matrix display screens, but also used to the architectural lighting and indoor decorative lighting. It comes with five series, all of which are provided with the waterproof grade up to IP 65. Our dustproof product is durable, and even can work well in the temperature of -20℃ to 60℃, no matter in rainy or stormy weathers. It is durable with the life span at least 50,000hours. Also due to its high brightness, it is the optimal choice for outdoor decoration, like curtain wall, bridge outline, etc.
  • LED SMD Cluster LED Light In 30/ 50mm Size
  • LED SMD Cluster LED Light In 30/ 50mm SizeThis type of LED SMD cluster light uses the imported ultra-high brightness chip to ensure the lighting effect and beam angle. It is a new energy-saving and environmental decorative light. With constant current and only DC 12V working voltage, it is safer and much more reliable. Our product consumes less power, and the maximum power consumption is only 1.44W. It can help you save the energy up to 80%.
    Our LED SMD cluster light is the same as the DIP type. It can be extensively applicable for the architectural ...